Pebble is no more


Storage? I am Storage!
Jan 18, 2002
Brisbane, Oz
Many of you probably already know this, but Pebble, the idiosyncratic smart watch maker, has folded. Their IP has been bought by Fitbit, but there is no prospect of continued manufacturing.

Pebble was one of the great innovators in smart watch design, although they never adopted a touchscreen interface. But they specialized in E Ink displays (including color) and were probably the only manufacturer to offer reasonable battery life (7 days and up on some models).

I found they excelled at what smart watches are actually useful for: text and email notifications. With no button pushing or wrist flicking required, the display scrolled the latest message so you could *discreetly* glance at it in meetings, while driving or even in the middle of ordinary conversations.

Vale genuine creativity and innovation, and possibly the most iconic Kickstarter project ever:


Jan 13, 2002
Sad to see that their company wasn't able to continue and thrive but their IP might be a good match for Fitbit. I've not been interested in any of the digital smart watches that have been made as I prefer more of a traditional watch. Many of friends, family, and coworkers sport some kind of Fitbit or Fitbit-like device. I feel these are a bit of a fab also as I've seen a decline in excitement over the friendly competition that occurs through measurement of steps. I use the Fitbit app to manually enter the times I work out on a treadmill but that's mostly for me to keep track of my consistency.