Mac Pro (2019)


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Nov 8, 2006
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I assume most people have seen the new Mac Pro announcement?

Certainly impressive machine (and it's reported to come in at a tidy $50K fully specced out).

However, digging through the announcement you see a lot about CPU performance (using Intel Xeon), memory capacity (up to 1.5TB RAM), graphics capability (quad AMD graphics and custom ASICs for rendering), whats missing is the glamorous storage!

I had to dig into the specs, and you get 2x storage slots, so a maximum of 4TB (2x 2TB NVMe's) at 2.7GB/s sequential. The interesting point, these are only made available via the Apple T2 chip, which imposes it's own limits on IO throughtput. (The use of the T2 also rules out using Linux on it, and I'm unsure of how advanced the driver is for Windows 10 and the T2, so this may be a pure macOS only box).

Any additional storage has to use the external thunderbolt interfaces...

Spec wise, the HP Z8 outclasses this machine (2x Xeon - upto 56cores), 1.5TB RAM, 40TB storage...
Spec wise, the Lenovo P920 comes close (2x Xeon - upto 48cores), 1TB RAM, 60TB storage...
Both are significantly cheaper...

Note: This is not an anti-apple rant, but just wanted to point out, what I consider to be a misstep in product design/capability...

And look, I didn't even call it a cheese grater!

Announcement for those that missed it:


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Feb 1, 2003
Apple doesn't specialize in external storage. There are a number of TB NAS units and other high end TB storage arrays available.