question Intel vs Marvell SATA III controller


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Jan 14, 2002
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I'm moving my current Intel X25-M-G2 to my wife's PC, and putting a 128 GB Samsung 830 (SATA III) into my computer. My motherboard (Asus P8p67 pro, see below) has both an Intel SATA III (built into the P67chipset from what I can tell) and Marvell 9120 SATA III controller. I'm wondering which controller I should put the SSD on. From HardOCP (below), it looks like the Marvell controller can be up to 11% slower than the Intel controller. On the other hand, the Samsung SSD tops out (on sequential, not burst) reads at 550 MBps, well below the 768 MBps that SATA III provides (is overhead significant?). I also have two hot swap bays that I currently have plugged into the Intel SATA III controller, because I feel more secure doing hot swapping on the Intel versus Marvell controller. Would you guys use the Intel ports for the SSD or for the hot swap bays?


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Jan 18, 2002
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As I recall, the Marvell controller has some (bad) issues with write performance. This isn't usually very significant for desktop usage, at least, not when comparing an SSD to an HDD.

The Intel controller is definitely a better all-round performer, so I would prefer to use it for the SSD, but wouldn't lose too much sleep if I couldn't.

The Marvell datasheet says you can use both ports for eSATA, so I assume they can handle hot-plugging.