GPU power usage


Xmas '97
Jan 15, 2002
Salem, Or
Power usage vs benefit with GPU client

WSCross said:
I decided to do a bit of testing to see how much extra power was being drawn by the GPU client. I was pretty surprised by the results. This was done using an AMD X2 5000+ on an ASUS M2N-SLI, 2 GB DDR2-800, X1900XT 256MB running 3D clocks (620/720). I measured power usage with a Kill-A-Watt meter on the AC power cord. The results are:

Base system - 139W
1CPU client - 181W
2CPU clients - 195W
1CPU, 1GPU - 260W


The Core 2 Duo is getting 390 PPD right now with 772 & 773 WUs (hardly bonus WUs). I did some more calculations and it seems that it's slightly more efficient to run 1 CPU and 1 GPU (on the 5000+ anyway) Running that way, I get ~510PPD (350 GPU + 160 CPU) @ 260W = 6.24 kWh = 81 points per kWh. Running the 2 CPU clients gets me 320 PPD @ 195W = 4.68 kWh = 68 points per kWh. That's assuming I leave the 1900 in there without Folding on it. If I were to put a less demanding video card in this box, I would imagine the energy usage would further decrease below the 195W and the advantage would disappear