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    SSDs - State of the Product?

    Seagate FireCuda 520 (500GB PCIe 4.0 NVMe) reviewed:
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    Well, where we are (SE QLD), we had most restrictions/limits removed a few weeks ago as stock levels got back up and people realised that panic buiying/hording wasn't necessary... (we were nearly back to normal).
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    I think we have evolved from homo-sapian to homo-sapian moronis.
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    And due to new outbreaks in Victoria (as Tea mentioned), hording of various cleaning products and toilet paper has started again... Stores have applied limits on the number of items thankfully... I'm 1500km+ away from Victoria, (I'm in Queensland), and hording has started here as well, despite...
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    Samsung QVO

    Samsung 870 QVO released...
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    400TB on LTO.

    FujiFilm have made claims of technology/material enhancement to allow up to 400TB per tape in future LTO versions...
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    dSLR thread

    Olympus exiting camera market:
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    Buyer Beware - WD 2TB-6TB...

    Update, WD renaming non-SMR Reds as "Red Plus", so "Red" = SMR tech "Red Plus" = CMR tech
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    It Was 38 Degrees in Siberia Today.
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    Ethernet Cabling Questions

    Apologies for the brief replies, but: Only bother with CAT7/8 if you want 10Gb+ (CAT6 is rated to 1Gb at 100m / 328ft), and even then if re-cabling and you want 10Gb+, I would consider going fibre. (10Gb fibre is cheaper than 10Gb copper and far easier to work with). Cable termination just...
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    Empire in Decline

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Trump senses he may not win the next election, thus is creating as much havoc for the next person to clean up?
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    Empire in Decline

    Hope all our US members are staying safe during this time of uncertainty. 🙏
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    Empire in Decline

    Excellent article. Unfortunately even our own Australian government seems to be suffering a distrust of experts in a number of areas and policies...
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    Now with restrictions being lifted here, and having the ability to get out for non-essential things, it would appear that most people have forgotten or don't wish to consider that social distancing rules (keep 1.5m distance) still apply. While I acknowledge risk of community transmission to be...
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    Take this, as you will: