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    Something Random

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    Empire in Decline

    The elephant in the room is the fact that all this stimulus money is being borrowed. We are more than 26 Trillion dollars in debt. At the end of May, the debt was 23 Trillion.
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    Something Random

    I'm still here. I stop in once in a while just to see what's happening. I turned 72 a couple of weeks ago. I think reading and poking around the net are helping keep my brain working almost normally. Mahjong and solitaire help too.
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    Clock Set to 1969

    Make sure the motherboard battery is not dead.
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    Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy New Year 2020

    A little late but: Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone. :)
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    Something Random

    JTR: $2400.00 for two root canals is a lot of money to me. That's more than my monthly SS check. $800.00 for three fillings is a lot of money to me. I take nine different medications a day, some twice a day. They would cost over $600.00 a month if I had to pay for them. Eyeglasses are over $400...
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    Something Random

    I'm on Medicare. Medicare does not cover eyes, teeth, or ears. It also does not cover prescriptions. You will need a supplement. Some of them are free but have limited coverage. So you are back to how healthy can you afford to be. This year we decided to change our supplement company and I spent...
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    Hardocp shutting down?

    Apparently, Kyle Bennett has taken a job with Intel. The Hardocp forums will still be up, but the testing and news sections will shut down.
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    Forum moved and upgraded

    Wow, looks great.!
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    Comodo has an antivirus program for linux.
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    Something Random

    If your not gaming, why not just use the motherboard or CPU video. The CPU video might work better with the latest drivers installed.
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    Something Random

    That guy talks way too fast.
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    I recently bought one of these. Quiet and you can dim the keys.
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    Core I9

    Seems like multiple cores would be great for virtual machines. If you can assign the cores to each virtual machine. In VMWare, you can tell the virtual machine how many cores it can use, but does this lock those cores from being used by something else?
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    Core I9

    I was doing some reading on the newest computer hardware. The Intel Core i9 can have up to 18 cores and 36 threads. Doesn't the programs you are using have to be able to use all those cores? If so, what's the point of all those cores?