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    Routing Between Subnets

    If the Ethernet cable from the DOCSIS modem is plugged into the WAN port on the Queen router, then behavior is as expected for any devices connected to the mesh, is it not?
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    My estimate is just 100k total reported cases in about a week. NIH estimated 70K by next Friday. Obviously the number of actual infections is some multiplier of that. Wouldn't be surprised if total number of reported infections is over 2 million by end of August. If testing becomes unrestrained...
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    US cases will explode, as we are finally starting widespread testing. I'm expecting we will top 100K cases in a week or so. China is just lying.
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    Intel to introduce new ATX12VO PSU spec

    Yup, exactly. HP has been running 12VO PSU in some systems for a while now. Dell too IIRC.
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    Large HDD's for a NAS/Server for RAID

    Decent write up on fio benchmark tool at ArsTechnica.
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    As it was explained to me, DR enables what amounts to low-level interleaving, like in channel level interleaving. More info: The wiki article states there may be a performance penalty with multiple ranks, just after it describes a performance benefit; I...
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    Yes. DR is better than SR. At least in memory-bottlenecked situations. Prime95 is memory bound (since AVX instructions appeared), so the hardcore users spend much effort on memory optimization. Some trustworthy users report gains >10% with DR vs. SR (in an application where single digit...
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    16GB modules might be dual-rank; I know that in memory intensive situations that can make a measurable difference. IME under Prime95 dual-rank is worth more than reducing CAS by 2.
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    Home NAS

    B/c on writes, in some situations, you are limited by the interface to cache transfer rate, rather than the physical media transfer rate for reads. Depending on the number of drives, RAID implementation, and size of on-disk cache, you can maintain a higher write speed for an extended period of time.
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    I do want to buy a used car

    Heh. Even more pedantic: Throttle is not exactly correct either, as no fluid flow. Accelerator not exactly accurate, as it can also cause braking (one-pedal driving). Edit: Ok, I guess accelerator is fine; - or + delta V is still technically acceleration. [Yes, I have been awake too long, why...
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    Something Random

    JTR, if you really expect not to have income when Medicare kicks in, you should do some asset planning now-ish. Most states have programs that will pay Part B premiums (either through Medicaid or outside of it), but the asset limits can be severe. However, some asset classes are exempt from the...
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    Something Random

    NO! Do not opt out of part B (unless you have other qualifying insurance at the time - qualifying insurance does not include some plans, such as COBRA benefits) otherwise you will probably pay a late-enrollment penalty forever. From SSA website: Will I get a bill for my Part A or Part B...
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    Something Random

    Are you sure about the cost of an office visit and the deductible? Most plans (unless they are only crappy catastrophic coverage) will only cost you $25 to $50 for an office visit - you don't need to hit the deductible before the 25-50 expense applies.
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    Tools for pulling CAT6A cables through walls

    Biggest PITA is dealing with firebreaks if you have them - small 2x4s installed perpendicular to the vertical studs every so often. Segments the wall into small boxes and prevents them from acting like a chimney (or combustion air duct). The pros I observed used 72" spring steel augers to make...
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    Two weeks of air quality hell, finally over. Bay Area, Kali fires

    Not a campfire, the Camp Fire. Bad name choice by authorities. Most likely cause is electric utility line fault of some type.