Defect with Intel C2000 Atoms, multiple NAS units affected


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Jan 21, 2002
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"The four product lines – ReadyNAS devices RN3130 and RN3138, and Wi-Fi managers WC7500 and WC7600v2 – happen to have a common component, Intel's Atom C2000 line chips, which Intel has acknowledged had problems until recently. As many as 16 specific models in this group of four lines may be affected.

Intel's chip errata, published in January, identified the B0 stepping of Atoms in the C2000 range as having faulty clock outputs that fail far sooner than they should. When that happens, affected devices will no longer boot. The shoddy chips started shipping in 2013 and continued to be sold until late last year. Intel has refused to disclose how much subpar silicon it has sold."