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    Zit woes

    Wanna see a picture?
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    Intermittant site not found

    Now it works... and it didn't a few hours ago.
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    GMAIL Invite

    You can get rid of gmail invites here: Here is the web page: Basically it is pooling gmail invites and sending them out. I can't vouch for the website, I just saw it linked on forevergeek. [edit] I sent a couple of invites and so far one has...
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    Video question

    Will it physically fit?
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    New Firefox out

    The live bookmarks is pretty cool. What sucks is now you have to wait for the extension/theme authors to update their themes/extensions. Or you could manually update them and repackage them. Fortunately my most frequently used extensions, bbcode and web developer are already updated.
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    Move over SUV lovers...

    I think this is the truck I saw when on vacation down the New Jersey shore this summer. Here are some pictures (yes that is Liam in the pictures).
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    Intermittant site not found

    At home I still can't connect. I tried tracert but it came back without being able to resolve the domain to an IP. I could get to though. I didn't try the other addresses because I could get here to see them. So I'll check tonight when I get home.
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    WinXP third party drivers without a f*&%ing floppy

    Here are some more links that I think get to the meat of the problem: MSFN Forum Thread and GreenMachines Guide
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    WinXP third party drivers without a f*&%ing floppy

    Here is a thread from storagereview about it. Lots of good info but I never got around to trying it.
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    Intermittant site not found

    If we can't get here how can we PM you?
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    kcaB m'I

    ?ew era yadot yllis gnileef
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    Best 2D Graphics card for $100

    $100... and 2D quality only matters.... Why not use two cheap ATI cards? one AGP and one PCI? I found plenty for under $50 when I looked at newegg. You just have to find two that are able to handle the resolutions you are talking about.
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    BIOS Issues...

    flash to an older bios?
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    Intermittant site not found

    I experience this problem. This weekend I couldn't get to it at all from home (RCN Cable). I do remember gettting it at work too.
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    Yet more Evidence

    NOD32 by Eset
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    36 million Americans now living in poverty

    The solution to the escalating gap between the haves and the have nots is simply to get rid of money. No, I'm not kidding. I think we have surpassed the need for money as a society long ago.
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    GMAIL Invite

    reply My address is anythingyouwanthere at my domain. Which is willrickards dot net.
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    Walmart's $598 ECS Wonder-Laptop

    Completing college in 4 years is becoming an oddity.
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    Walmart's $598 ECS Wonder-Laptop

    That is if you like HP laptops. And of course you need to up the RAM. I did some research on the ECS web site and it looks like the laptop is upgradeable to 640MB. That is 128MB on board and a 200pin SO-DIMM slot to take up to 512MB of ram. prices from crucial 512MB $104.99 (USD) 256MB...
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    Walmart's $598 ECS Wonder-Laptop

    For all those college kids going off to school I think this is great. Even if it is a bt slow, because it is ECS not because of the other components, who cares? I'd like to actually see one and determine if it is usable. But that is all I think it will require for this laptop to be very...
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    wireless questions

    When I transfer images I bring the laptop to the router and hook it up with an actual cable. It was just too slow over the wireless connection. I'm only in B mode because of the built-in wireless of the centrino platform.
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    [NEWS] - Maxtor boosts SATA HDD cache to 16MB

    I don't think it will beat the 74GB raptors. The dual processor thing sounds interesting though. I'm not sure how much use it is?
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    How come this forum doesn't allow editing?

    Judging by Tannin's previous posts in this thread it would be the former. Thus in favor of editing as a 'basic courtesy'.
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    Does an apple IIe qualify? I might be able to get my hands on one of those.
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    From an outraged customer

    That is exactly why I call myself a computer expert!
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    Way to go!

    Interesting... They were saying on the radio this morning that the olympics was to sell 6 million tickets but have only sold 2 million and that is why the audience is sparse.
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    How come this forum doesn't allow editing?

    Fushigi: I do the same thing, which is why my post count is so low ;)
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    How come this forum doesn't allow editing?

    Posts are much quicker than writing term papers. But I agree in theory that the effort should be of that level. But often you don't have time to do all that. You have something you can post quickly now or wait to do it later. Often forgetting if it gets pushed to later. Consider people new...
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    [NEWS] - New Ad-Aware Version

    You must be lucky. It complains on all the computers that have this in my experience.
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    [NEWS] - New Ad-Aware Version

    It still doesn't like my about:blank for my home page in IE.
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    SF vs. SR

    I should say though that there are some relatively new people over at SR whose posts are well worth reading. And of course if you want to see posts from honold you have to go to SR.
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    News: XP SP2 is out

    sweet! Thanks theSwede
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    2-port SATA controller

    I like silicon image based products. Syba makes one : They are also pretty cheap, less than $40.
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    I found a way to get a free 4GB/20GB IPOD MP3 player..

    How easy are these offers you have to complete? How about bidding on an ebay item with a new ebay account? You'll almost never win and it takes only a few minutes to do it.
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    I found a way to get a free 4GB/20GB IPOD MP3 player..

    It sort of is. They have another site Same idea. You get it free if you complete and offer and sign up 8 number of your friends who also complete the offer. But you don't have to pay for anything. All you have to do is get other people to do it. Getting other people you...
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    I think its a virus, but am not sure

    I say fdisk/format the bastard. I think it takes less time. I make sure to load up the following: NOD32 (they have to pay for this), ZoneAlarm, Firefox, Adaware Optionally Thunderbird, gimp Then you have to educate the users. All this takes at least 3-4 hours maybe more. So consider whether you...
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    HOSTS file for blocking ads / spam

    I think Merc and a few others use one. The router doesn't matter as this trick works by blocking Domain Name Lookups. The router doesn't provide DNS services it just passes those requests on to the ISP DNS Servers. To resolve a domain your computer first looks in the hosts file to see if you...
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    How come this forum doesn't allow editing?

    :roll: I think we could safely enable editing on this board.
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    My gateway 386 was unplugged too long type 46 hard drive nee

    Well Liam is almost 2 years old and using three word sentences. His first word was Hi. I'd say Born Talking works.
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    Madness X 9

    Maybe a mozilla bug?
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    Anybody else signed up for this? I took the ebay offer and made the opening bid on an item that I'll never win. Now I just need 8 other people to do it through my referral link ;) My referral link This is from the same people that do the I saw the site at forevergeek: linky
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    Bold New Plan For Social Security

    Sounds great for people like me who would put the money into something else. But how can this benefit the current system? I can't see anything other than a mass exodus happening? Thus there will be much less money going into social security. And how do the benefits work for those that...
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    Wish me luck

    Good Luck! And you are always welcome here.
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    Tsot, tsot Intel

    Shouldn't the topic title be tsk, tsk Intel? What is a tsot?
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    Housing price growth is finally slowing down

    I'll believe it when I see it. I'll agree house prices are insane.
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    WTB: Cheap PC133 SDRAM

    Only question is regarding density. See this page for info I found in my search. This RAM needs to work in an intel 810 chipset board. Offer is $20, with $3 allowance for shipping, so total $23. For one stick of 128MB, standard or low density. I don't care much about generic vs crucial as long...
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    WTB: Cheap PC133 SDRAM

    Well I just checked and the ram in there is a 128MB PC100 stick. Not sure of the CL rating (2 or 3). Looking on ebay it seems the mean price is about $40. Oh well maybe I'll try just a 128MB stick for a total of 256MB.
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    WTB: Cheap PC133 SDRAM

    I'm looking for some cheap PC133 SDRAM for a Dell Dimension L800CXE. It is my brother's computer and I've had to flush it due to spyware/virus infections. He said he wanted it faster and I figured if I could throw 256MB of RAM in there for $20 that would be worth it. There is one DIMM in there...
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    [NEWS] - SpinRite 6.0

    SpinRite v6.0 was released on 6/7/2004 I happened to be visiting the other day to test a firewall, and saw this.
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    I had some visitors this morning...

    Well it depends on why he is being served. In this case he is just not showing up for court. It could be because all the requests to show up at court have showed up at our house and we've written return to sender - no longer at this address on all of them.