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    T-mobile unlimited text, phone, data at $5/month

    I have an emergency phone that I keep in my car that I uses a plan giving only 20 minutes/month for $5/month. It had a dedicated purpose and I was fine paying the $5 for the security. Apparently as of 5/1/2014 T-mobile will be upgrading that plan to unlimited text, data, phone and still...
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    1000 years of European boarder changes

    In the recent light of Russian/Crimea/Ukrainian border issues I thought of giving some long-range context.
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    Win7 and Win8 media

    Somehow all my Win8 and Win7 media has gone missing. I have no idea where they disappeared to or who took them. Anyone have links to ISO's for x32 and x64, OEM and Retail, of the different flavors (Pro, basic, home, business, ultimate, etc.) and service packs that I can DL? I don't need keys...
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    Clear differences exist in mobile phone connection speeds and Complaints about your carrier's speed and the quality of connections may be more related to the phone you use than about the carrier. There are distinct differences in communication...
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    LogMein free is terminating access

    LogMeIn Blog [/FONT][/COLOR]
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    What were you worst computer related mistakes made?

    I'm sure we have all made mistakes. Here are two old ones that stick out in my mind. Feel free to add your own stories. 1. I had purchased a dozen very expensive SCSI HD's for a customer build. I unpacked them and placed them on a card table where I promptly kicked out a leg and watched...
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    Ad Block Plus indicates it is blocking something here.

    Ad Block Plus was recently updated and I now observe that it claims to block an advertisement here. I thought we were ad-free. Perhaps it is blocking a facebook link but I am merely guessing.
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    Caching software for SSD

    I now have a spare 180GB SSD, so why not use it? The problem is that my partitions use far more space than the SSD contains. I know that I can reinstall everything and move stuff around so it would all fit but that would take a lot of time that I'm not really interested in spending. So, what...
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    Opinions wanted: Keep or return?

    I just received a "gift" from the catholic church attached to a private grade school on the same street I live on (aprox. 2 blocks away). As far as I know they gave the same gift to everyone in the apt. complex I live in. They just knocked on my door and handed me a box. I do not attend their...
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    [H]ardOCP is now #1

    I wanted to congratulate [H]ardOCP for they have beaten the default team (all those folders that have not specified a team) and now have more points than any team bar none with 36.2 billion points. I wish to voice my admiration of Grandpa with over 2 billion points as an individual. That being...
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    TR's SSD endurance test

    I thought people might be interested: Tech Reports SSD endurance test - Intro 22TB update 200TB update 300TB update 500TB update 600TB update 1PB update: 3 drives dead, 3 still alive
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    photo FS: Canon EOS L series lenses

    I've decided to sell off my Canon lenses mainly because it's been years since I've done a significant amount of photography. I'll probably replace it all with a digital PS which will undoubtedly satisfy my needs. All are in excellent condition and are older but still very low usage lenses...
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    It appears that Comcast (in my region) has now implemented IPV6 locally. With the recent increase in speed that Comcast is busy advertising, my cable modem changed from IPV4 only to IPV6 only. My router now seems to be getting both an IPV6 address and an IPV4 address from my cable modem. I've...
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    How do you determine which drive is attached to \device\ide\ideport3?

    I'm getting lots of atapi controller errors on \device\ide\IdePort3 (EventID 11) on my domain controller (WS2008). After a bunch of them the machine reboots with a volmgr error (eventID 45) "The system could not successfully load the crash dump driver" so it doesn't tell me why it...
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    Fun with ESD
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    Internet hacking

    Well, I think (hope) I made someone unhappy. My internet provider (Comcast) just told me they would do something (within a couple of hours) about another local Comcast user (only two away from my IP address) that is repeatedly (a hundred times every hour or so) querying a variety of ports on my...
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    I want it!

    PDP-8/M The first computer that I ever worked with (In high school) was a PDP-8L with 8K RAM on a teletype with paper tape reader and this is close enough. I have fond memories of being a fanatic about it, spending virtually all my unoccupied time in the computer lab. Before people called...
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    Building Petabytes on a budget

    I saw this and decided it was interesting and potentially useful enough that it was worth posting a link here. Petabytes on a budget BackBlaze is supplying detailed instructions on how to build a 67TB (45 drives using 1.5TB Seagate HD's) server in a custom 4U case for aprox. $8,000 in HW costs.
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    Microsoft supplying some Linux kernal code.

    Has Hell frozen over creating a land bridge between Linux and Microsoft? Microsoft is supplying kernal-code and Linux drivers for Hyper-V.
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    Colbert for Toilet or ISS wing? (Yuk) This disappoints me in so many ways...
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    better Nvidia drivers for folding?

    Is anyone here GPU2 folding with Nvidia? If so, you might want to change your drivers to 185.20. Double your PPD almost? is the pertainant thread. I tried it on a x64 Vista machine and yes my PPD increased dramaticly (+75%) with a core_14 WU. Drivers are avail. at: Why is my PPD so high...
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    M$ Vista Capable class-action lawsuit decertified

    Vista Capable Lawsuit decertified It appears that the US Federal District Court has handed Microsoft a massive win by decertifying the previous class-action lawsuit. Rather than having potentially millions of plaintifs, Microsoft has to only deal with the original six plaintifs. Now everyone...
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    Proof: Your employees are potentially your worst assets

    Microsoft hires a mole Contractor indited for Logic bomb
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    Restoring x64 WS2008 from image backup

    I have a X64 WS2008 install on a Hd that has developed bad blocks and has become unusagble. I have an image backup of drive C: (from X64 WS2008 backup); WS2008 x32/x64 original media; and a replacement HD. The problem seems to be booting to the repair option of the original media boots to x32...
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    Major rebate Processor Goes Bankrupt

    A major rebate processor has gone bankrupt. If you think that you may be affected, you may wish to click the link supplied for further instructions. The instructions specificy how to determine if your rebate is at risk [P.O. Box 52900 (or P.O. Box 52911), Phoenix, AZ 85072-2900] and...
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    Alaska Sen Stevens has officially lost.

    The real question is: What is wrong with all those people that voted for a convicted felon (Appeal not withstanding)? Don't they trust the court system? Is not graft, totally unacceptable in a US Senator? Don't they want their representation and the decisions he makes to be something...
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    Mark-Russinovich on Windows 7

    Mark-Russinovich-Inside-Windows-7 An interesting interview concerning Windows 7: Yes, it is just a tweaked Vista.
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    Folding setups?

    I was just wondering what folding setups people are using now? My current setup is as the following P5-133XL's setup
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    Internet bandwidth testing

    Stanford Internet Performance is a better BW testing service. I tried it and I like it because it gives so much more information than the standard internet BW testing services. After trying it - Click the more details button and the statistics button ...
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    1TB Seagate for $109.99 shipped

    1TB Seagate for $109.99 shipped from Dell is a very good price for this drive .... Expires 8/31/08 I just ordered two ...
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    Opting out of directed internet advertising

    In response to increased privacy concerns of directed advertising many of the major internet advertising companies have created an Opt-out policy. I have no idea if it actually does any good, but you may want to try it if the issue matters to you. I do note that...
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    Opting out of Internet Advertising

    In response to increased privacy concerns of directed advertising many of the major internet advertising companies have created an Opt-out policy. I have no idea if it actually does any good, but you may want to try it if the issue matters to you. I do note...
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    Pharmacy industry's manipulation of the public

    Bitter Pill: A Portland doc flips on big pharma and reveals its “dirty little secret.” A pharmacy rep insider speaks out on a dirty little known secret about the manipulation of the studies used to support the efficacy of depression medications. The point he is making probably applies to all...
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    Things I want in a review

    Anandtech rant One of the things I most want to know about, in a tech review, are the gotcha's of which the above rant gives a plenty. I rarely see them in print, because of the number of reviews that are there simply to sell the product and not give a good critical review. It's all too...
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    First siting - 45nm Quad

    OEM Q9300 for $299.
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    VLite - Vista configuration tool.

    VLite Download page. Documentation Page. A Vista Configuration tool brought to you by the same people that created NLite.
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    M$ Office SP3 Planned Obsolence

    M$ Office SP3 is unacceptable. Basicly, M$ killed the useage of some old file formats for "Security Reasons" leaving people with data in those formats having to manually modify registry keys to access their old data.
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    Folding Energy usage

    I have multiple machines and have applied a killa-Watt to them to see what's being used. Q6600 Idle = 135W Q6600 Windows SMP = 203W & 2100 PPD Q6600 GPU (x1900AIW) = 233W & 500 PPD Q6600 Windows SMP (idle priority) + GPU (low priority)= 275W & 2400 PPD X2 4600+ Idle = 105W X2 4600+ Windows SMP...
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    Having problems posting

    I just had a problem posting to a thread "July 22nd Intel Price drop". The symptom is that when I posted the specific message, the forum would go into a please wait state for a long time (Till I got tired of waiting). I tried piecing the message out (using edit repeatedly) and was able to post...
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    32GB 1.8" PATA SSD for $553.99 shipped

    Since it is a large (bootable size) and at a relatively reasonable price for a SSD, I thought that there might be people here interested in the following product: NewEgg has SAMSUNG 1.8" PATA 32GB Solid State Disk(SSD) Flash Disk Model MCAQE32G5APP for $553.99 shipped.
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    July 22nd Intel price drops

    Because of the planned Intel price cuts for the Q6600's I am seriously considering replacing my three Dell 3200 P4 machines with new Q6600's with builds very similar to CougTek's build without the x1950's. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the Dell machines. They do their necessary...
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    How to force Vista to do smaller than 96dpi on high resolution monitors?

    I have a client that does not like Vista because, on her screen, the Windows Icons and Text are bigger than she is used to with XP. So, she asked me, how to make them smaller and I don't know. My quicky internet search didn't bring forth any ideas.
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    Windows SMP Beta Testing client released

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    The supreme Court debating the Patentability of Software

    I'm finding this to be totally ironic coming from M$, Since I note how much effort M$ has gone through trying to protect its own source code: The US Supreme Court debates the patentabillity of software in Microsoft vs. AT&T. from A seemingly simple case regarding whether...
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    Resetting Windows trial period

    I saw this on Daily Tech and though it was worth importalizing for future reference. If you have a beta, trial, or simply unactivated copy of Windows you can reset its time-out period for an additional 30 day time period (up to three times) by simply issuing the following command from a command...
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    Linux x64 SMP client - WoW

    If people want to have some fun: Try the beta SMP x64 Linux client. I just tried running it on one of my x2 4600+. To complicate matters, the machine is running Windows x64 (you can use a regular 32 bit Windows at a slight frame time cost) and I'm running Ubuntu x64 linux from inside a free...
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    New HDTV opinions wanted

    Time to get a new TV: Old one is having problems and not worth fixing. So, obviously HDTV and one that will display 1080p is preferable. I have a daytime sun, so projector is not appropiate and anti-glare is important. The maximum case width is 67"; The current viewing distance is 96", but...
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    Nvidia G80 details revealed

    The Inquirer has lots of details regarding the upcoming release of Nvidia's G80: Nvidia's G80 innards exposed Some of the highlights: 8800GTX is Nvidia's flagship implementation. It features a fully fledged G80 chip clocked at 575MHz. Inside the GPU, there are 128 scalar Shader units clocked...
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    GPU teraflops

    F@H client tflops Right now there 439 Active GPU's (have returned at least one WU in the past 5 days). Those 439 GPU's are producing 28 Tflops of processing power. That's more that all the linux (17,311 Cpu's) and Mac (7847 CPU's) combined. According to my calculations those 439 GPU's are...
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    Overclocking ATI Video cards.

    Source: How to: Set 3D clocks on X1k series cards