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  1. sdbardwick

    Surprising nobody, OCZ is filing for bankruptcy

    Marketwatch press release
  2. sdbardwick

    Machine_Check_Exception 0x9c

    AFAICT, I'm basically hosed (i.e. try different CPU, then buy new MB if known good CPU doesn't work) Windows Server 2008R2 won't boot beyond screen that says select recovery or normal boot. All add-in hardware removed, all integrated devices disabled, only boot drive attached. Won't boot from...
  3. sdbardwick

    Sanity check needed

    HELP! I'm having one of those moments where I can't tell if I am just missing something obvious, or if my own arrogance is blindng me to the truth. Please take a look at this thread at (my username is the same), and please tell me: Am I (a) just plain wrong, (b)...