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  1. Adcadet

    UPS for server room

    Hey Gang, My family and I successfully made the move to Wisconsin. We're about done re-configuring our basement, which will include a "server room". So far it has it's own 20 amp circuit and the cable modem/router/switches/smart things hub/garage door controller, and perhaps other stuff will go...
  2. Adcadet

    ZFS import forgotten at boot - systemd?

    Ubuntu 15.04. Uses systemd. I can install ZFS on Linux such that it appears to be running when I first log on ("$ dmesg | grep ZFS[ 134.263583] ZFS: Loaded module v0.6.4.1-1~vivid, ZFS pool version 5000, ZFS filesystem version 5"). I can run zpool status and see that my pools are there. Set...
  3. Adcadet

    Linux home folder and ZFS

    So, I managed to move my home folder over to a ZFS pool since my boot disk (SSD) was running low on space. Not too hard, just used the zfs mountpoint command and replaced /home with a zpool. Except it looks like what was in my prior home folder is still using disk space on the SSD. Does anybody...
  4. Adcadet

    question New number and call forwarding?

    My wife and I have had our current phone numbers for 13 years. We're moving to a different area code and want to get local phone numbers but we're not ready to give up our old numbers. I'm also planning on switching us from AT&T to Verizon. We'd like to overlap the new and old numbers if...
  5. Adcadet

    Linux + FreeNAS + Crashplan setup

    Hey Gang, My main machine is 4 years old (2600k, running at 4.4 GHz) and still running Windows 7. Its performance has some issues, and it feels glitchy. I'm also tired of windows, and my reasons for sticking with Windows are fading. So I recently rebuilt my previous linux machine using an i7...
  6. Adcadet

    Cat5e vs Cat6 for new home

    I'm moving! New job, new city. Yay! Anyway, I'll be setting up a gigabit network. I'll need to look more at the home to decide if I'll run the cables myself or pay somebody to go through walls for me. I understand that cat6 allows for 10 gigabit ethernet for future compatibility (I hope to be...
  7. Adcadet

    Macbook pro?

    Anybody have opinions on the Macbook pros? Looking for a nice laptop, wouldn't mind the jump to OSX. Would want to run some VMs (Linux distros, maybe Windows). Want Retina display. Thinking MacBook pro, 256 GB SSD (how much room does the OS take?), 16 GB RAM. Might do some light gaming but not...
  8. Adcadet

    Workstation monitor?

    My old cheapy 28" LCD died. I need a second monitor. I use a USB switch and multiple monitor inputs (HDMI and DVI) to juggle two PCs into two monitors, one Windows 7, the other Linux (currently Linux Mint). I'd like a monitor in the 27-30" range. Most of the time I do office work on it, some...
  9. Adcadet

    Fast CPU for video transcoding? Xeon?

    My i5 3570 is feeling a little pokey trancoding video. Will I get much improvement using a newer CPU? Would a Xeon be worth it? I would want to run it stock and not OC it. Would prefer to spend <$500 on a new motherboard and CPU, and I already have 32 GB of DDR3-1600 RAM I'd want to recycle.
  10. Adcadet


    Anybody running Plex on FreeNAS? I'm struggling to use Plex to host family pictures. I'd love to create a ZFS data set for my albums but I can't seem to get through the process of linking the shared folder with the jail that Plex lives in.
  11. Adcadet

    question Old power supply for new build?

    Any reason I can't use my old Antec TruPower Trio ( for a new system build (Intel or AMD)? Has anything changed since 2008? I know Haswell has some issues with sleep/hibernate, but I really don't care about that sort of feature.
  12. Adcadet

    question Windows-Linux network problems

    Can't seem to make things work properly. Was hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction. Network/Windows machines: primarily Windows 7 machines. Two in particular are ones I want to connect to. Network uses a workgroup, named WORKGROUP. I turned their network settings...
  13. Adcadet

    FreeNAS and ZFS on old hardware

    Anyone have experience with FreeNAS with ZFS on older hardware? Love the idea of ZFS and the web based interface seems super easy, but I'm a little scarred of the RAM recommendations. 8 GB? Really? The old PC I want to reuse has a core 2 duo e7400 and 2 GB of RAM. I just want to run a single...
  14. Adcadet

    Cheap graphics cards, 2013

    Hey Gang, I'm thinking about building a Linux machine, and I'd like to be able to hook it up to two monitors. I won't do any gaming on it, and would prefer low power/heat/noise. From what I can tell, Sandy/Ivy Bridge can do multiple monitor outputs, not sure about the AMD A-series chips. Has...
  15. Adcadet

    question I think I need a router - dumb question

    My router is a DIR-655, and only has 4 (gigabit) ports. I'm contemplating a fifth computer in the house that would need a wired connection. What's the easiest way of going to >4 gigabit PCs? Getting a dedicated (non-wifi) gigabit router and putting some of the PCs on that? Connect on of my...
  16. Adcadet

    Netflix and Windows 7

    My family runs a HTPC upstairs, Windows 7 pro. We use it to watch Netflix. Yesterday it said we weren't authorized and showed us the logon page. It wouldn't let us log on. Wife called Netflix, who said that they don't support WMC (Windows 7). I know people have had all sorts of issues with WMC 7...
  17. Adcadet

    question ZFS and WD green drives?

    I'm continuing to struggle to figure out how to store my music and home video collections on my main, Windows 7 machine. Up until now, I've sufficed with 2 TB drives, but over the next year, my video collection will likely go >2TB. I like storing it locally (I actually do go back to the old...
  18. Adcadet

    External RAID enclosure recommendations

    Do you guys have experience with any decent external RAID enclosures? I'm looking for a 4+ drive enclosure that will let me access 4+ TB of data. eSATA is fine, but it would be nice if it included USB3/2 to facilitate easier recovery in case of failure. The cheapo $<200 units at Newegg...
  19. Adcadet

    WD Red

    Anybody using these? Large capacity, acceptable 3 year warranty, performance is as expected, prices seem reasonable. Anything not to like for use in a file server or for mass backups?
  20. Adcadet

    question Good SATA card?

    My motherboard (Asus P8P67 Pro) has run out of SATA slots. I'm wondering if anybody has have recommendations for a cheap but solid PCIe SATA controller. Few questions: 1. Any reason to use PCIe over PCI? I believe I've got both PCI and PCIe slots available (I only have a graphics card and a...
  21. Adcadet

    Anyone using M-Disks?

    Anyone using this sort of thing for long-term storage?
  22. Adcadet

    Drive drops?

    In my PC I've got two WD Caviar Green 20EARX drives in a hot swap bay plugged into the Marvel SATA III slots on my Asus P8P67 Pro (rev 3). One of the two drives keeps dropping. Same drive every time. The drive is a dynamic disk with a single partition. I'm running Win7 64 bit. Every hour or so...
  23. Adcadet

    question How do people buy music these days?

    I want to purchase one of the James Brown collections, either the 40th or 50th anniversary album. I thought that purchasing it online would be quicker and easier then just downloading a pirated version. After looking around a little, I'm not sure. I want to listen to it on my desktop computer...
  24. Adcadet

    question Windows search, SSDs, and Outlook

    Hey Gang, I recently installed a Samsung 830, along with Office 2010 which I use extensively for work. Per the Samsung utility, I disabled Windows Search, which seems to have disabled search in Outlook as well. While I was expecting searching in Outlook to be slower, I wasn't expecting it to be...
  25. Adcadet

    3 years is just too long for WD

    "In the near future we will be unveiling an extended warranty offering with special pricing."
  26. Adcadet

    question Clone a system drive

    Hey Gang, Sorry for the barrage of questions lately. When it rains, it pours. As mentioned elsewhere, I'm going to move my (Intel X-25-M-G2) SSD to my wife's PC, and install a new one (Samsung 830) in my computer. Before pulling the old SSD, I'd kind of like to clone it (contains OS and apps...
  27. Adcadet

    question Intel vs Marvell SATA III controller

    I'm moving my current Intel X25-M-G2 to my wife's PC, and putting a 128 GB Samsung 830 (SATA III) into my computer. My motherboard (Asus P8p67 pro, see below) has both an Intel SATA III (built into the P67chipset from what I can tell) and Marvell 9120 SATA III controller. I'm wondering which...
  28. Adcadet

    CPU prices - stagnant?

    I just saw that the Athlon II X4 640 Propus 3.0 GHz CPU I bought almost 1 year ago for $99 is still $99. I would think that a lower-end CPU would fall in price, and perhaps even no longer be available in favor or newer models. Was the Bulldozer fiasco that crippling for AMD? On the Intel side...
  29. Adcadet

    Llano for HTPC?

    Anyone built a HTPC lately? Considered a Llano chip? A friend is thinking about building a HTPC, and from what I can tell, Llano may be a good option.
  30. Adcadet

    problem Seagate GoFlex 4TB USB 3.0

    Recently purchased this from Best Buy for $220, now on sale for $200. Thought it was reasonably priced, especially considering the flooding, and it would be convenient as a single drive could hold all my current and planned backup for the next year. Three problems: 1. As a 3.5" drive, it...
  31. Adcadet

    Christmas 2011 PC for Wife

    Hey Guys, My wife finally started to complain about the speed of her 3.5 year old computer, a Core 2 Duo E7200 Wolfdale 2.53GHz with 2 GB of RAM. She is generally very patient with her computer, and most of what she does is web-based and Photoshop. I grimmace when I type this, but her method of...
  32. Adcadet

    Gadgets in Windows?

    Hey guys, A while ago I was using Google Desktop and their gadget platform, and found a few things slightly helpful (calendar, weather) and some things interesting (CPU meter, network monitor). I have a second monitor, and it was nice to put these things someplace out of the way yet easy to see...
  33. Adcadet

    question easy liquid cooling?

    Anybody familar with the liquid cooling kits currently available (like Corsair H series)? Are they easy to use and reliable enough for prime time use? Could it be left for a long weekend running, without fear of finding a wet, shorted out computer? I'm wondering if a switch from my Hyper 212...
  34. Adcadet

    Athlon II 170u? Webcam?

    Can somebody help me understand the role of this chip. I have not one, but two relatives who purchased cheap computers (Compaq and HP I think) that use this chip. Is this not a huge step back from the Athlon II X2s of last year? Is this chip to the desktop what the Atom is to the netbook? Is the...
  35. Adcadet

    Video editing software

    Hey guys, I got a camcorder (Canon Vixia HFM300) that I'm pretty happy with (only complaint: low-light shooting drops the quality quickly), and am looking for some decent video editing software. I've been using Microsoft's Movie Maker Live, which is fine for simple stuff. But I'm looking for...
  36. Adcadet

    Cell phone without service as alarm clock

    Hey guys, For about 3 years I used an old cell Verizon phone (LG VX8000) as an alarm clock after I had otherwise decommissioned it (switched to AT&T). It would run for days on the battery, wouldn't die if I lost power, would sync the time from the cell towers, had a nice big front panel display...
  37. Adcadet

    Anyone using Blue Ray?

    When I recently re-built my computer I used a cheap $25 DVD burner. I still have a few spindles of CD-Rs that I've never used, and a few dozen DVD-R and -RWs. I couldn't see Blue Ray being useful to me for anything other than perhaps watching movies, but for that I now have HTPC. So far I've...
  38. Adcadet

    1 TB/platter from Hitachi Hopefully we'll see some large capacity versions soon.
  39. Adcadet

    question Backing up compressed files

    Hey guys, As can be seen in another thread (, I'm thinking about a serious backup strategy these days. Many people seem to backup compressed files to save space. Does that increase the risk of data loss should the destination drive develop...
  40. Adcadet

    question RAID 1 questions in Windows 7

    Hey guys, I'm re-doing my backup scheme. The first layer of protection I want is a mirrored data drive (RAID 1). I've never created a RAID array, and I'm a little confused. I have two identical Hitachi 7k2000s, both are currently basic disks, one contains my data and the other contains junk. My...
  41. Adcadet

    Multiple (2) concurrent sessions in Win7

    Hey Gang, I'm futzing with my HTPC after it's HD died (WD 20EARS, 7 months old). One thing that's always bothered me is that logging on remotely using my main desktop computer via my LAN kicks off the HTPC "user", who must then click on the logon icon to get back the session - which is hard to...
  42. Adcadet

    netbook hard drive replacement

    What are you guys recommended these days for replacement hard drives for netbooks? My wife's Aspire One, now 2.5 years old, just makes a sickening click noise during POST and the BIOS reports no media found. I haven't done any further diagnostics but I'm guessing the hard drive is toast. She's...
  43. Adcadet

    Uninstall Windows 7

    Hey Gang, I had previously installed two copies of Windows 7 on my main PC as a form of "backup OS" that I no longer want to have around. My main OS is Windows 7 as well. Is there an easy way to delete these two versions, each of which is on a different hard drive (and my main OS is on another)?
  44. Adcadet

    RAM disk

    Anybody have experience with creating and using RAM disks? I recently found Dataram's ramdisk (free for <=4 GB) (link: Has a nice GUI, seems to work reasonably well. I've been playing around with creating Linux virtual machines...
  45. Adcadet

    Virtual Desktops + Virtual Machines = Fun

    I think I finally figured out how to make a dent in my 16 GB of RAM. Dexpot (, a way to allow multiple desktops in Windows 7 to allow me to more easily run multiple virtual machines through Oracle's Virtual Box (which I prefer over VMPlayer as it seems to...
  46. Adcadet

    Kudos to Canon

    A few months ago I bought a Canon Vixia HF M300. I'm very happy with it. Unfortunately, the included software isn't the most user friendly, and after building my new PC the camera thought that none of the videos that I left on the internal memory card were on my PC and it started transfering far...
  47. Adcadet

    question Hot swap basics

    Hey Guys, How can I tell if my old Barracuda 7200.10 (500 GB) supports hot swapping? I've enabled hot swapping on all SATA ports in my BIOS, but is there anything else I need to do? I'm a little hesitant to just yank a spinning drive from a running system. Thanks, Adcadet
  48. Adcadet

    question running Linux on Windows in VM

    Hey Gang, I'm interested in playing with Linux some more, but for a few reasons would prefer to do it from within Windows via VM. Does anybody know a good, recent guide to help get me going? Most of what I can find is from 2007. Thanks, Adcadet
  49. Adcadet

    External enclosures?

    Hey Guys, Does anybody have an external enclosure for a 3.5" drive (or multiple) that they like? I'm thinking that it would be convenient to turn one of my older hard drives into an external drive connectible by USB3 (+/- eSATA). It looks like many of the enclosures out there are really cheap...
  50. Adcadet

    Secondary monitor

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to replace my old 19" CRT monitor that I use as a secondary monitor next to my 23" widescreen LCD monitor. I have loved having a second monitor since I first ran this sort of set up back around 2000 or so. I mostly use the secondary monitor when I'm writing. Text on the 19"...