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    Android phones: Tips, tricks?

    Why the SD slot requirement? Phones have huge internal storage. I have a cheap moto E5 plus and had to put lineageos on it to get android 11. But no wifi calling. I'm switching to an iphone when the new ones come out. I'm tired of the stupid android lack of update crap and stuff like wifi...
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    Ethernet Cabling Questions

    I finally got around to doing this and used cat8 preterminated cables from monoprice. I did run conduit, plastic, between the floors in the wall along a staircase but not above the drop ceiling in basement. Mostly because I had some conduit leftover from when I ran the hdmi cable behind the wall...
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    Free Windows PC Disk-Cloning Software

    I use Macrium Reflect.
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    Mirrorless Cameras (MILC) and Lenses

    Glad to see you, Merc. I hope Lunar is okay.
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    If you look at the heat map of infections, it is mostly the middle of the country. So this pattern of hitting the coast and moving inward then bouncing back to the coasts is happening. People are just not being diligent about wearing masks / washing hands. Full Stop. And since we're dependent...
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    Empire in Decline

    The truth is the postal service can handle the load without any problems, they handle way more volume than voting by mail would add and volume of regular mail is actually down due to the pandemic. Their union rep said as much on one interview I watched. They are overloaded with packages...
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    Ethernet Cabling Questions

    So I bought a couple new routers, amplifi alien, to upgrade my network and have one be a mesh point. I may add a third later. While I've got wire in the walls now for the existing router, I want to make it to be more professional with actual jacks in the wall instead of just little holes. I did...
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    Best timing ever, so much more collectible.
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    Something Random

    $117 dollars is crazy. Although I have an alert setup at slickdeals for the taxact stuff so when they offer the deal for like $15 or so, I jump on it. The most expensive part of taxact is the state. And in my state I can do that very easily online as I have to do local taxes separately anyway...
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    Found this interesting. Graph with logarithmic scales so you can see if the country is getting over the virus.
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    Something Random

    Do you still feel the same today? Yes, it is a biological problem but it has far reaching implications. There were underlying economic issues, whether in the corporate credit market or the fact that many people haven't really recovered from the 2008 crisis in terms of equal employment and...
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    Something Random

    Holy shit dude. I was totally unaware of this. Can you detail some of these events from 4 decades?
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    Tele conferencing

    Used webex for years, now on microsoft teams. Seems like webex nailed the audio better than teams. And the UI for teams is just confusing.
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    Something Random

    We do antenna + tivo dvr + netflix + amazon prime here. Works well for us. Our verizon is $39.99 / mo for 100/100 service and we use our own router. For someone else I researched and found philo tv for $20/mo which seems to have a nice selection of channels with what they watch. They'll have...
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    Non-subscription MS Office blocks all legacy Windows

    Not really, no. I don't recall which version switched to the xml formatted files (docx vs doc). Honestly I don't even use office at home. But I have some older version on one laptop. I use google docs and sheets most often. Sometimes I use LibreOffice.
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    Just realized the 2600X has no integrated graphics.
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    So I looked at microcenter and they have a bundle that includes: Ryzen 5 2600X, Asrock B450 PRO4, Samsung 970 EVO+ 500GB M.2 for 292.97. Adding a case $50 and power supply $50 and 16GB Ram $60 leads to about 452.97 before video card. I told him to watch for sales on video cards and he can deal...
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    Speaking of Ryzen, my son is trying to build a gaming PC all in (monitor too) for about $600. The purpose is probably gaming. Here's the build list he put together. Thoughts?
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    Netgear Arlo = bugs, bugs, and more bugs

    Thanks for the warning
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    Window treatments v. cellular shades

    We have these in the bedrooms, though I think we bought the lowes version, and not the trilight version. Inside is just a reflective film. It works great for sleeping, plenty dark. They look pretty good. In our downstairs we went with the roman blinds. Something like this but a cheaper...
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    Happy Holidays (2018)

    Happy Holidays and New Year! I thought Aquaman was awesome. I mean Nicole Kidman's performance was a bit too much fish out of water for me, pun not intended. And I can see what you're saying with Aquaman not really earning the hero/king title via character development, though he's an...
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    Samsung QVO

    Anandtech's review is up and they had some issues with the 4TB drive. I guess it wasn't ready for prime time. But yeah the pricing is like double what these should sell for. We're having 2TB on sale for $200. So 2TB should be like $150. But 4TB shouldn't be $300, it should be more like $250...
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    New phone time: old-school

    That's a weird question. Yes. I purchased a case from amazon and it came Monday. I put my wallet and phone in my left front jeans pocket and keys in my right front pocket.
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    New phone time: old-school

    Saturday, I bought the Moto E5 Plus. Screen is bright, phone is big, almost too tall actually, performance is great, camera seems decent. No complaints. I haven't used the gps yet. I did buy it directly from tmobile and probably paid too much for it. But I wanted to assure myself that it...
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    New phone time: old-school

    The old iphones don't have the mobile band support that is more crucial than anything. I mean phones for a while now have been good enough. Speed is relative and I'm not playing those fancy games on my device. If there were a truly compelling camera on a phone, I'd upgrade. Still waiting to...
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    New phone time: old-school

    Yes, the Samsung S9 and Note9 and the G7 ThinQ are too new, so still rather expensive there or non-existent. And needing the tmobile specific variant to get bands 66 and 71 is also a constraint. The S8 Active was close but that probably won't get updates. The new pixel 3 has the band support...
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    New phone time: old-school

    Thread hijack So I'm in the market for a inexpensive phone as well. Let's say $250 USD. I'm working on getting my Note 4 repaired but let's ignore that story for now. But I'm looking for similar specs / performance (snapdragon 805 / 32GB internal memory / 3GB RAM / 16MP Camera). But I want...
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    Spooky Malware

    Her router maybe compromised. Wipe it all would be my suggestion, even the router.
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    Something Random

    I'm just replacing the board in my note4 for now. It developed the emmc read error that they are known for. Waiting for those super accurate GPS phones. And maybe for phone manufacturers to bring back user replaceable batteries. Hobbling by on a galaxy On5 that has been rooted while waiting...
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    I have Verizon FIOS. There is fiber to the home. At the home, usually inside, is the verizon network access box. They call it an ONT. This has a ups style battery as a backup. It takes fiber in and has an RJ45 port for internet only or coax for tv/internet. Mine also has four phone ports...
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    stopping the spammers

    Could we reduce the delay between reporting spam posts? It is set to 60 seconds.
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    Something Random

    Lunar officially wins the something random thread with the most random thing. :smile:
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    Cloud Backup

    My issue with crashplan is that I was on the family plan and had 6 computers or so backing up for $150 per year. No way I can touch that with backblaze or carbonite. Just covering my three computers will be $150 / month via backblaze. If these are the real prices for this service, I'm not sure...
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    Lots of Snow

    Was hoping to use my snowblower for the first time this season, but it was mostly slush. About 2 inches of slush and an inch of snow on top. Had to use the push shovel instead. Slush just clogs the snowblower.
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    Something Random

    On January 10th I did get a reply from her via PM that merc is okay. It still would be good to hear from him directly.
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    Happy Holidays (2016)

    Happy New Year!
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    "THE" Cloud

    5 Years between posts, welcome back
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    Something Random

    It was a pretty good game, I only watched the very tail end (9th and 10th innings). No fireworks here.
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    Kidsafe Android?

    youtube has a kids mode. But there are certain restrictions on using it. To enforce it you need custom dns capability. It is literally just a setting on your youtube account. So logging off removes the restriction. I think there is a way to do it via redirects. Similarly locking down google...
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    Identity Theft

    I probably wouldn't put it in the card like that. Maybe two factor authentication by getting a code from my phone or something.
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    Best movie you've seen

    Sweet Christmas The timeline is what seems screwy to me. Based on Jessica Jones I thought Luke was with her. And at first I thought this was in the 1970s. But then other events place it after the Jessica Jones series. It just seemed weird.
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    I want to buy a new car

    The early reviews used A/C and didn't drive it any different than normal and they exceeded the 238 rating. So it seems to be a more conservative number which is nice. But I definitely want to see how effective the heater is. A car you plug in once or twice a week is an interesting proposition...
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    Sealed Computer Chassis

    Why not just submerge the whole thing in that non-conductive mineral oil or something? Can the powersupply go in there?
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    Something Random

    Random question: I was researching magnetic mounts and thought I had seen one that had little standoffs in the corners and then the metal plates had corresponding cutouts so that the phone wouldn't move around. But I can't seem to find it now. Anybody remember this or know what I'm talking...
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    Something Random

    Yeah this type of crap irks me to no end. Bosses who are clueless or play like they are clueless. What your bonus is tied to depends on the kind of job you do. When I worked in straight up consulting it was totally based on my billable hours. Now I do the same job but because I work for the...
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    Online Glasses

    Thanks, I ordered from Zenni, we'll see how long it takes.
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    Online Glasses

    So there was some discussion about this in the something random thread. But I thought I'd start this thread for discussing ordering glasses online. I was going to order some from I priced out the glasses for my son and they were like $30 which is great as he lost his $300 ones...
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    I want to buy a new car

    One year later.. Thought I'd share some numbers: EV Miles: 9457 (87%) Gas Miles: 1409 Total Miles: 10866 Equivalent Dollars for ev miles in gas (assuming 33.05MPG and 2.90 for premium): $829 EV Dollars spent (approximate and this assumes I charge only at home though I charge at work so it would...