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  1. LiamC

    HFS+ data recovery

    Hi all, I'm trying to recover a Mac external drive HFS+ that was plugged into a Windows 7 computer, and now just shows up on a Mac as a New Volume. What tools should I look at that might be able to recover the data? Mac based, Linux based or Windows. Free is best, but paid if necessary? On a...
  2. LiamC

    People downsizing, want small form factor printer/scanner

    Does anyone have any recommendations for (preferably) a SFF A4/foolscap multifunction device (printer/scanner)? The people in question are ditching their desktop in place of a laptop as they've moved into an apartment.
  3. LiamC

    SSHD - hybrid drives

    Has anybody used, or any experience with SSHD? I need to update a couple of computers and moving to a SSD + hard drive might be a little bit of a chore. But I also need capacity, so a single hybrid drive might be easier. This will be paired with an update to Windows 8.1.
  4. LiamC

    TaskManager replacement for XP/Vista/7

    Want a Windows 8/8.1 style task manager in your old skool "pry XP out of my cold dead hands" OS? Scroll to the bottom. Looks pretty good so far.
  5. LiamC

    Network setup advice

    OK brains trust, how would I do this? I have three desktops (could end up four) and two laptops. And it's getting to the stage where one or two of the desktops are occupied all the time. What I want to be able to do, is logon to any of the machines and see all my files (i.e. centralised...
  6. LiamC

    question Windows Server versus Solaris AIX

    Hi all, long time since posting, but haven't had much to contribute. I have been lurking though. I have a question about Windows server. In Solaris, you can protect applications in a shared environment with projects. The projects command can limit the amount of memory an application can use...
  7. LiamC

    Mouse 4 notebook

    Hi peeps, I need a recommendation for a mouse (or other pointing device) to use with a laptop. I've been using the notebook a lot lately browsing or reading e-books in bed (using a book as a tray to keep the vents clear). Let me just state that trackpads are a medieval torture device. I...
  8. LiamC

    Samsung intros new SSD model

    PM830 will supersede the 470 (PM810 SKU), but OEM only at the moment. 500MB/s read, 350MB/s writes.
  9. LiamC

    The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR1.

    As the title says, I'm seeing this error in the Event Log. But for the life of me, I can't seem to work out which drive this refers to. Does anyone know how to map the name to a physical device? Is it hard drive, DVD or an SD card?
  10. LiamC

    Samsung F3, F3EG firmware for P67, SB850 chipsets

    Got a Samsung F3 or F3EG HDD? Hear it "clicking" after connecting to the latest Intel or AMD chipsets? In my case. it was a slow (every second) click like a full seek. Eventually the drive disappears from your OS. Warning! If you leave a drive unpatched and connected to a chipset that causes...
  11. LiamC

    Some network help if you can

    Hi all, I've got a bit of a strange one. My main PC (Win 7 x64) can no longer see my Freenas/SMB shares. It can see XP/Win7 shares on other machines. All other machines can see the Freenas/SMB shares. Nor can this machine log on to the Freenas Admin page via browser. All other machines...
  12. LiamC

    Dead SCSI Drive

    My Maxtor Atlas II 15K SCSI drive finally bit the dust (I think). Yesterday, I got a lot of write errors while running. When I attempted to reboot, I got a BSOD Stop Error 0x00000024. Nothing seems to fix this. This happens attempting to boot Windows XP in normal and safe mode. If you...
  13. LiamC

    Hitachi Data Systems to spin of storage division

    via IPO. Wonder how this will affect their R&D, like microwave assisted magnetic recording...
  14. LiamC

    Strange network problem

    I can't get to from my home network. "... The following error was encountered: Connection to Failed The system returned: (110) Connection timed out"... I know it's alive, because I can get to it from work. It's been happening for a few days...
  15. LiamC

    Home NAS

    Is anybody using NAS at home? It used to be that my main rig was powered on all the time. So storing files on one of its local drives meant they were available to all other machines. A few weeks ago, I decided to enable sleep & hibernate, but if the machine is in hibernate mode, it disappears...
  16. LiamC

    Need an audio mixer compatible with Win 7

    I used to use Nero SoundTrax from Nero 6 on XP as my audio mixer and Nero Wave Editor as well. But the move to Windows 7 has me stumped. Nero 6 (well SoundTrax and Wave Editor) won't run on Windows 7, and frankly, the idea od shelling out $100 to "upgrade" to the bloatware that is Nero 9...
  17. LiamC

    Flash exploit

    You've got to go to a compromised site and open a malicious PDF ..."Adobe has admitted that it is aware of reports of a potential vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.1.2 and Adobe Flash Player 9 and 10. It is planning an update soon, it said."...
  18. LiamC

    AMD, Seagate demo SATA 6Gbps

    ..."Despite its fatter pipe, SATA 6Gbps will use the same connectors as the existing Serial ATA standard. The spec includes new goodness beyond a higher throughput peak, too, but AMD and Seagate are only talking data rates for now."...
  19. LiamC

    Samsung Launches 1.5TB drive

    Staying out of the 4 platter drive business
  20. LiamC

    General Motors

    In the news today, it is reported that GM has said that they don't have a viable business model going forward. Is this true, or are they drumming up leverage for more federal money? I certainly hope it isn't true, more for the workers sake, but if it isn't, then it's a pretty callous tactic.
  21. LiamC

    Seagate 7200.12 1 TB

    The 7200.12 put through it's paces. 2 plater 1 TB. Hit or miss...
  22. LiamC

    Kaspersky AV

    Would you trust these guys? The Inquirer is alleging that has been hacked. ..."ANTI-VIRUS firm Kaspersky Labs has had its US website violated by an anonymous hacker who claims to have gained access to the company's customer database"... ..."The hacker's discretion may be a very...
  23. LiamC

    AMD launches K10 dual core

    AMD launches K10 dual core--say hello to the Athlon 7750 and brethren Sometimes better...
  24. LiamC

    Buying an LCD TV as monitor

    What I want to do is use an LCD TV as a monitor. I already use my 37" Samsung as a monitor and it works like a charm. I'm thinking of replacing my 19" 5:4 910T with a TV Why? Glad you asked. More screen real estate. My eyesight isn't what it used to be, so a 1900x1200 22" isn't a great...
  25. LiamC

    Cheap Quad cores compared

    Just in case you missed it And unless you're running the latest and greatest, selected software, the Q6600 still looks awesome performance wise...
  26. LiamC

    Seagate 1.5TB review

    Have at it Some good, some bad
  27. LiamC

    Software v Hardware RAID on Linux

    A comparison:
  28. LiamC

    Draft n wireless

    Does anyone have any good new to relate using draft n wireless technology? I've got a couple of G nodes, but I want more speed
  29. LiamC

    Disappearing partition and partition for speed

    I'm am sorry about this as this post will be partly a call for help and partly an interesting find in my search for an answer to said help cry. Firstly, has anybody come across this issue. At work, our disks are partitioned into three—system, util/recovery (tiny) and data. Here's the slightly...
  30. LiamC

    400GB drives in RAID 0, 5 & 10

    Man, Mercutio will be annoyed. Mind you, he would probably sniff at a mere 400GB
  31. LiamC


    I thought today's UserFriendly was poignant and pertinent: :)
  32. LiamC

    Suggestions for speeding up a Vista laptop

    Vista really ins't my area of expertise so I'm after some suggestions. The laptop belongs to my son's pre-school and the teacher there asked if there was any way to make it faster. It's a Dell Inspiron e6400 with (I think) a 1.7/1.8GHz processor, 512MB RAM (less what's used for graphics) &...
  33. LiamC

    Intel ICH8/9/10R, and RAID 1+0

    Has any had any experience with using the RAID 1+0 capabilities of the Intel southbridge? I want to set up a Solaris/Oracle box for home and play with Oracles storage sub system. What I want to set up is RAID 1+0 with four Samsung SP2504C sata drives (recommendations??) and need either a...
  34. LiamC

    WD velociraptor. It's nothing if not different

    A 2.5" 10K SATA drive in a 3.5" heatsink :eekers: ..."The VelociRaptor offers excellent performance across a wide range of applications, but its most spectacular showing was easily with IOMeter's multi-user workloads. These workloads don't simulate...
  35. LiamC

    Speed of a 2.5" 7200 rpm drive

    Hi all, I've a question about notebook drives. At the moment, my NB has a 120GB 5400 rpm (SATA) drive from Mercs favourite company. Boot and load times are slow (as to be expected). Will I get much added oomph from a 7200 rpm jobbie? If it's any help, I had a 15K Atlas II in my main drive...
  36. LiamC

    I need a mouse

    Not the furry kind, the computing kind. What I have been using, a Microsoft USB optical wheel mouse. I need to change this because the skates on the bottom have worn out need cleaning every day or it won't track properly. Also, it is a bit small—I have narrow/long palm/fingers. Don't like...
  37. LiamC

    New Seagate drives do not work/support Linux ..."The problem is to do with the power-saving systems on Seagate's latest range of drives and the fact that it is shipped already formatted to NTFS. The NTFS is only a slight hurdle to Linux users who have a kernel...
  38. LiamC

    20 250GB disk shootout There's life in ATA yet.
  39. LiamC

    ATi HD 3870 and 3850

    Read it quick in case AnandTech was premature, I didn't think that the NDA lifted until Monday Back in the game by the look
  40. LiamC

    Intel proposes new interface for Flash devices

    ..."Well, ONFI is more than that - it is a part of an initiative to optimise the flash memory integration and performance in the PCs, starting with NVMHCI "Non Volatile Mem Host Controller Interface" akin to SATA AHCI."...
  41. LiamC

    S ATA 2.6 spec more connectors: slim-line, micro and multi-lane. NCQ prioritisation and NCQ unload—The idiot has dropped the laptop so flush the caches before we hit the ground and everything is toast—umm, before the drive heads park.
  42. LiamC

    Resolves to :) Saw this on the UF boards (user friendly). Apparently, some MS minion has a sense of humour. linux% host is an alias for is an alias for
  43. LiamC

    SSD review

    128 GB SSD review on Tech Report. Only $4 600. :puke-r:
  44. LiamC

    1" HDD v SSD

    The conclusion should be obvious
  45. LiamC

    Seagate releases Cheetah NS 10K SCSI drives Basically a slowed down 15K-5. Uses 15K-5 internals. 4 platters. Supposedly faster than the 10K-7 ..."The NS's unrecoverable error rate is apparently ten times better than that of the 10K-RPM Cheetah, and its annualized failure rate is supposedly...
  46. LiamC

    Looking for a uATX case

    A friend has posed an interesting question. They have downsized their accommodation and want to use a laptop and 1 PC. They think that a standard ATX case is too large. They like to PC form factor for some limited upgrade capability. They like the Mac mini. Is their a "standard" case out...
  47. LiamC

    The truth is out there... Police puzzled by crew's disappearance from yacht. "What they found was a bit strange in that everything was normal, there was just no sign of the crew," he said. Mr Hall says there was food on the table, a laptop was running and...
  48. LiamC

    Wikipedia has been p0wned! Click on more to read more about todays featured article (on The KLF) The article expansion (now fixed in 2 minutes) read Lets have a sex party!
  49. LiamC

    Samsung selling 2.5" hybrid drives

    Samsung claims it is selling 2.5" hybrid (flash) hard drives ..."The MH80 series comes in 80GB, 120GB and 180GB sizes. The 2.5-inch drive has 128 or 256MB of flash memory and combines mangetic optical characteristics."...
  50. LiamC

    Tool to measure PCI/AGP speeds

    Does anybody know of a tool/utility that reports the PCI/AGP bus speeds. CPU-Z reports the FSB speed, but not the PCI/AGP.