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    Plug it in It doesn't have them all, but it's close.
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    US Federal Government IT Spending

    Interesting dashboard. Shows IT budget & spending by department and how far ahead (ha!) or behind their major projects are.
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    Verizon annual data breach report

    Read all about it. Verizon Business conducts breach investigations for their clients. The investigations are global and include all kinds of breaches - insider attacks, web attacks, etc. What is reported are successful attacks; i.e. ones where data was stolen/copied by the attackers...
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    Windows Home Server

    I thought I'd run a thread about setting up & using Windows Home Server. First, as noted in another thread, I built my home server using a 1.5TB Seagate drive. Upon installation, it automatically set up a 16GB OS and a rest-of-drive data partition. Installation was almost painless. It asked...
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    Microsoft: End to End Trust

    Microsoft: Let's talk about trust I was sitting about 100 feet from Mr. Mundie when they made the announcement yesterday. Honestly, Bill was a more personable speaker. Mundie has a certain :zzz: thing going on.
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    Earth Hour March 29, 2008 at 8PM Local Time

    Link. Nice, simple idea to raise awareness. In Chicago all of the major high rises have joined in. Street lights will remain lit for safety but even some retailers are turning off the lights for an hour. It will be a dark skyline. My employer has joined the effort and has asked all of our...
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    Firewire security threat

    If you haven't heard about it already, there's a threat vector for PCs that have Firewire ports. Basically a device can be connected to a PC and use Firewire's access mechanism to bypass Windows authentication services. As this access is part of the FW spec, I doubt a true fix will be...
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    Google talks about parallel processing

    Article. I can't imagine the space, power, and general complexity involved with this (PDF).
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    DriveImage XML

    Free product. Does backups into an XML 'format'. Has anyone tried this?
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    Cheap Core2Quad Q6600 @ Fry's today only

    Combo of a Q6600 + ECS mobo for $199, appears to be brick & mortar only.
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    Acer to buy Gateway,136415/article.html
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    CD Copying for Vista

    Any recommended apps? While I can drag data files to a CD via Explorer or burn music to a CD with WMP, I'd like a straight-up disc copier. For instance, I've an audio CD that also has some data tracks (music videos). Neither of the above ways seems to work for that. OSS v. buy doesn't...
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    Building new FAH/main PC

    So my PC's getting pretty dated. It is an Athlon XP1700 OCed to 2700 with 1GB RAM running W2KPro. ATI AIW 9600, 4x DVD, etc. Generally it's fine for what I do but could always be faster. I had CPU overheating issues awhile back because the thermal gunk had dried out. After fixing that the...
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    Private Message Unread Flag Reset

    When I went to SF this morning I noticed all of my stored private messages were marked as unread. Not a big deal; I just marked them all as read again but I thought it was odd since they had managed to stay read during my hiatus.
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    OfficeMax Friends and Family Discount 3/16-17

    Here's the PDF.
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    Wanted: Accountants in Chicagoland

    My employer has a few openings for accountants in Chicago & Westmont. The openings are due to growth from an acquisition. Client Accounting- Westmont - Account Payable Specialist - Account Receivable Specialist - Staff Accountant - Senior Staff Accountant - Senior Accountant Finance- Chicago...
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    Notebook drives

    Why can't I get more than 18 months from a notebook HD? The Hitachi 60GB 7200 RPM in my Dell had some bad sectors a couple of months ago. I ran CHKDSK -R to flag them as bad and started watching for signs. Thursday evening, I notice the distinct chug-chug-chug of retries going on. I got the...
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    Satellite TV Providers

    Comcast is raising their rates again. This is pretty darn annoying so my wife & I are switching (back) to satellite. I'm posting this to solicit opinions on DirecTV vs. Dish Network. The packages we are considering would include an HD-DVR (or a regular DVR now & plan for upgrading later). We...
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    Hubble Crab Nebula Pic

    A Giant Hubble Mosaic of the Crab Nebula Picture in various sizes.
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    Big Ad
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    $NTUninstall directory management

    Look in the Windows dir with hidden files viewable and you see dozens of $NTUninstall* directories. Plus dirs for SP installs, etc. Each represents a patch from MS and contains the files/data that was replaced by the patch. That's all well and good, but on a patched 2000/XP/2003 system they...
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    Atlas 10K II just died?

    This is my wifes PC, so it's not a fun time at home right now. :cry: The drive spins up, goes ka-thunk 5 times, each ka-thuink taking about a second, then spins back down. :hurl: I moved it to my PC to see if it could be a power issue but the same sound effects were heard. Any thoughts...
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    Recommendation for low/mid-level P-ATA PCI adapter

    I'm shortly going to need an adapter to add a disk to a PC I'll be receiving. The PC is a Compaq and the onboard IDE has issues recognizing drives, or more to the point recognizing the OS on a drive. As I'll be putting my own drive in the unit (a P-ATA drive somewhere between 160 & 200GB), I...
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    NEWS: AMD Turion sorta announced OK, they haven't been announced. But they're already in some laptops.
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    Relics of Computer History in New York Auction

    Story here. I wonder if Tannin would like to bid on that early storage disc.
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    OQO PCs Anyone know anything about these PCs? While expensive, it does look pretty cool.
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    Logitech MX1000 & Firefox

    This is more an FYI post than anything else. I ran across this issue and found the tech tip to fix it. I thought it might prove handy if anyone else upgrades to the MX1000. By default, the forward & back buttons on the Logitech MX1000 "laser" mouse don't work in Firefox. They don't do...
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    Firefox 1.0 New York Times ad

    Firefox will be running a full-page ad in the New York Times to announce the official 1.0 release. Details & how you can donate to help cover the cost of the ad campaign are here. Donate and your name will be included in the ad. They're also doing 'community champions' for groups of 10 or more.
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    <rant> Any of you folks dealing with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance? It's a royal PITA. People say it's worse than Y2K and that's true. Y2K at least had a goal, an end-point. SOX requires work every frickin' quarter. I would not be surprised if smaller firms (and even some larger ones) give up...
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    Another reason I like AS/400s

    Go here: and then search for "AS/400": BTW, at work I'm very close to upgrading both of our systems to the new POWER5 based boxes. I just have to get the funding approved.
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    Latest MS Security Patch-o-the-month

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    Wireless SuperG PCI NICs

    I'm running a Netgear WLAN router at home and, along with the wife's PC upgrade, just decided to spend even more $ and up her wireless from a USB thumb 802.11b NIC to a PCI 802.11g w/108Mbps capability since my router supports it. In addition to better speed for file & printer sharing, I'll be...
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    Ultimate Bood CD

    I haven't tried this yet, but I'm going to give it a shot on a repair housecall tomorrow night. Looks pretty decent.
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    Laptop Accessories

    Inspired by sechs' post on the 7-in-1 + FDD, I though I'd ask how people accessorize their laptops around here. I have the following that I always travel with: 1. Netgear WG511T SuperG card 2. IOGear mouse+flash drive 3. Charge-n-sync retractable cable for my Treo phone/pda. 4. Retractable...
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    POWER5 and eServer i5 for those in the non-x86 market or the official (and boring) IBM page: - Speed: 1.65GHz, dual-core - SMT in each core (Symmetric Multi Threading; equivalent to Intel Hyper Threading) - Cache: 64KB L1/core, 1.9MB...
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    Gates no longer the richest dude
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    Windows TCP Port Logger

    PORT LOGGER MAKES TRACKING TCP/IP ACTIVITY A SNAP One of the scariest things about TCP/IP is that you can have so many things connecting or trying to connect to your computer and you never even know it is happening. Because of these security concerns, Microsoft has created a nifty new little...
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    F@H Stats in sig

    So, what's up with the sigs that include Folding stats? I'm seeing the graphic but no text.
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    Microsoft guides

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    Stand up against the DMCA!

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    Wireless router/switch: Wireless not working

    I've got an SMC 7004AWBR 802.11b wireless router/switch/print server. The other day the wireless connections just stopped. It's been working fine for many months and no network changes have taken place lately. No indication why it failed; the SSID just no longer shows up as available on the...
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    [FYI] Disk array sales

    Disk Array Sales Firming Up, Says IDC An estimated 197 petabytes of disk capacity was sold in 03Q3. That's server arrays only and doesn't include consumer drives.
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    d20 RPG Table for Random forum encounters

    By Monte Cook, Internet Message Board Wandering Monster Table.
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    WinXP SP2 & Longhorn info

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    [Article] SATA entering the enterprise,289142,sid5_gci934125,00.html?track=NL-177
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    IBM running Power5 prototypes Nutshell: Take a Power4 and add symmetric multithreading (equivalent to Intel Hyperthreading). .13 micron now; .09 in 2005. Power6 in 2006. :lol:
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    Intel may owe over $600 million in back taxes
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    W2K Partition Problem

    Windows strikes again... The config: C: Boot: X-15, 8GB partition, FAT32 D: X-15, 9GB, FAT32 E: Optical no letter: (hidden/inactive/primary) WD160GB, 8GB, FAT32 (used to back up C:) F: WD160GB, 70GB, NTFS G: WD160GB, 70GB, NTFS Thursday night: Attach USB2 HD. W2KSP3 detects, loads stuff...