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    2.4TB 10K SFF SAS mecanical drives are available

    Up until I've read the review on our former home, I did not realize that 2.4TB 10K SFF mechanical drives existed. They are available for sale too. About one third the price per GB compared to enterprise SSD. For mechanical drives, they perform well. Compared to SSD...not so much. Useful to...
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    How to Install an AMD Threadripper CPU

    Here's a tutorial video. I would have guessed that the orange plastic plate should be removed during installation if I hadn't watched the video.
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    Epyc vs Intel Scalable Xeon

    Seen the comparative reviews yet? For small/medium business architectures, AMD wipes the floor. Epyc 7601 pretty much equals the Xeon 8176, which cost twice the price. Where Intel shines is on larger scale servers like quad-socket servers, but those servers are irrelevant to most...
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    N.V.M.e. or "Envy Me"?

    How do you pronounce NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express)? I went to the HPE Storage Event at Quebec City today and Jason White, HPE's Storage CTO, called the interface N.V.M.e. I thought it was a marketing gimmick and was supposed to be pronounced "Envy Me". I may have over thought that. BTW...
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    VMWare converter limited to 1Gbps per server

    I'm converting VMs from an Hyper-V cluster to a VSphere cluster. All the nodes in both clusters are connected with 10Gbps or dual 10Gbps links, just like the switches connecting both environments. However, the VMWare converter tool installed on the Hyper-V nodes only send data at 1Gbps to the...
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    Storage Space Direct in Server 2016

    Storage Space Direct, a much improved version of Storage Space compared to the version in Windows Server 2012. It's Microsoft version of Software Defined Storage. I'm considering it as an alternative to a SAN for our next architecture. It would allow us to have an all flash storage pool and...
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    Annual Job Review

    Tomorrow, I meet my pseudo "boss" for my annual job review. Remember that scene from T2? Well, I'll tell him "I want your chair, your job and your office". I plan to wear clothes though. The thing is, I'm already the decision maker most of the time and I've cut the department expenses by...
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    Cloudbleed: Change Your Passwords

    The story. The list of potentially affected websites. Change your passwords. All of them. I was days from switching to BitDefender for the security service for all our computers. They are affected. They should have the time to patch their stuff before the switch. At least I'm lucky on...
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    ESXi 6.5 vs ESXi 6.0

    I've upgraded a development server from ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 this evening. The web interface is nice, but the server took about twice as long to boot. This particular server isn't very solicitated and I don't reboot it very often, being a dev server. Still, is the longer boot process something...
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    Company Network Monitoring and Inventoring Software

    Currently using Spiceworks Desktop, but of course it's lacking in features. Read and heard good things about Quest Kace, but it's quite expensive. Lansweeper Pro is cheaper, but last time I checked (about 3 years ago), it lacked a few things compared to Kace. Don't remember what it was...
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    NDA Agreement

    For the first time ever, I've been proposed to sign an NDA agreement to access priviledged information regarding upccoming products and not yet released server platforms and processors. Of course, I won't be allowed to share anything here. The only thing I'll say is it is from an innovative...
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    Avaya Officially Fills for Bankruptcy

    Official statement. Our company uses Avaya IP phones. It would cost us a lot (six figures) to replace the entire system. I planned an OS upgrade on the IP 500 servers next month. I don't know if it's worth it now. Their phones show up at half price on eBay. I hope someone will buy their...
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    Enterprise Firewall

    We have an old (~6 years-old) Watchguard XTM 510 firewall which needs to be replaced at the office. Watchguard warned us that they won't support it more than another year, so it has to go. The office it deserves has grown and the XTM no longer suffices anyway. We have two other Watchguard...
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    "THE" Cloud

    Every now and then, I hear someone, who generally thinks he's far more tech savvy than he really is, say that we should put this or that on THE Cloud. Not a particular Cloud like the Amazon Cloud, Azure, Google Cloud or, for people more gullible than average and famous people wanting to store...
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    Very Good SOHO Routers Article

    At Ars Technica. The Linksys he tested was really bad. I have Ubiquiti wifi AP at two branch offices, with updated firmwares. Reading this, I believe I should have kept the original firmware. The EdgeRouter Pro is impressive. Quite a value considering the price.
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    Terry Crews Builds a Gaming PC

    Source I wasn't looking for this, but the link to the video appeared on Youtube's first page when I visited the site today. For a guy who's just a hobbyist in computer tech, he mostly made good choices. I didn't catch which graphic card he chose and the CPU is overkill for a purely gaming...
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    Tool to Read/Browse Folders Full of .msg Files

    People here often save lots of individual e-mails (.msg files) in project folders. The files have the e-mail subject for names. Of course, several files share the same name (with a different number to differentiate them at the end), so finding the right message can sometimes be a chore. Is...
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    Cellular Booster

    I need a booster for a remote area where less than 10 employees are working. 3G signal should be enough. They'll get LTE when they'll come back to urban area. The nearest cellular towers are 37Km and 39Km away, within a 20¤ radius. I've found this kit that I think might do ...
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    Tool to identify exceedingly long file name.

    Is there a tool I could run to list all the files with a larger than allowed filename on a given volume? I must move a large folder containing several thousand files with filenames exceeding the 255 characters limit on a Windows volume. The manager of the company responsible for this folder...
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    Samsung SM961 1TB with New Controller

    Available any day now at RamCity. They ship worldwide. Looking at the specifications, it should be the fastest consumer drive on the market. It dissipates even more wattage than the 950 Pro, so it will need passive heatsinks on it too. I don't know if RamCity is any good though. Perhaps our...
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    Someone is dreaming regarding AMD

    Read this "news" report. Impossible. I wish it would happen, but it won't. 7nm process CPU design, ready to ship by 2018...nope. At least not from AMD. Sounds like a rumor started by someone who've just bought AMD stocks. I've almost posted it in the Pub & Brewery.
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    7200rpm SAS 4kn Drives Being Comparable to 10K rpm Drives.

    In the NAS thread, Bozo wrote this : I contacted them late last week to get a quote for a larger NAS. Their proposal was very price competitive with comparable alternatives, but was a bit too high-end for what our company is ready to spend. Nevertheless, there was one interesting statement...
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    Cheapest Small Computer Capable of 4K@60Hz

    I need this to connect a 4K TV in a meeting room. Cheapest small computer that would be able to drive a 4K TV at 60Hz and establish an RDP connection to an RDS server within our local domain. I've seen the HP t730 thin client, which is ~700U$ here. I'm not sure an Intel Skylake NUC is able to...
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    Exchange Database Woes (Again)

    On our Exchange 2010 server, one of the mailboxes is dangerously close to the limit Exchange allows. It was 979GB before I worked on it to move user accounts to other server mailboxes. I moved ~150GB worth of user accounts. Yet, after I defragmented it (dismount database, then go to CMD and...
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    Office copiers : Canon vs Xerox vs Konica Minolta

    We are re-evaluating our contracts for our office copiers (12 overall). We've been with Konica Minolta for years, but now both Canon and Xerox offered us very interesting offers. I haven't heard many nice things about Xerox's customer support and satisfaction over the past few decades, so I'm...
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    Xeon D-1571 Launched, But Cannot Be Found Anywhere

    According to CPU-World, the Intel Xeon D-1571 has been made available by Intel. See their product page for more details. I cannot find it on Intel's ARK (which I only access thru Google searchs, so it might be on Intel's site even though I haven't found it). But the Xeon D-1571, despite...
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    Best Way to Open an .OST File in Outlook 2013

    I have a bunch of .ost files that are stored on users' systems and that I don't know how to open. They aren't the files pushed by the Exchange Server (2010 in this case) when you create an account. They are remnants of past accounts and still contains relevant messages. I've read about OST to...
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    4.5M$ Bonus for 15 Consecutive Quarters Slide

    That's how seriously IBM's management takes its shareholders' interest. Source Glad I don't own any stock in Big Blue.
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    Need a computer in Roseburg, Oregon, fast.

    One of our guys is working on a plant launch at Roseburg, Oregon. The hard drive of his laptop died. He is not computer-savy enough to reinstall and reconfigure an OS if we just send him a new HDD. The best would be a new computer. Time is critical. The nearest thing to a city from Roseburg...
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    Pine A64 platform, starting at 15$

    Seen here If this thing can run Linux 64-bit, that would great. The 59$ model with wifi plus another 10$ to bump the RAM to 2GB seems like a very interesting deal. It doesn't do 4K @ 60Hz, but still, it beats everything else in this price/power range.
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    Brave browser

    A new browser supposed to stop advertisements from tracking you Based on Chromium and from Mozilla's previous CEO. It is currently still in development (version 0.7). I plan to try it when it'will reach version 1.0.
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    Synology DSM 4.3 upgrade to DSM 5.0

    It's been a while since I've done that. I have a Synology NAS with synchronisation issue to another unit with a more recent DSM version. The older unit is using DSM 4.3, while the newer one is running version The plan is to upgrade both to the latest version ( I do not...
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    Netflow Collector

    Collecting Netflow information on our enterprise network has long been on my to-do list, but I've procrastinated up to now. Cisco list a few free solutions. For those of you who have implemented this, which software do you use?
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    Several people at the office have asked me if it would be possible to share stuff on a cloud. Some have started to test something like Redmine, but it's not implemented yet. Of course, we have several shared storage units that the employees can use, but they lack the discipline to properly...
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    Windows Security Game Over

    Reference This is such a shitty news for a network administrator. I should have done something else in life.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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    Linux Domain Controller

    It is apparently possible to build a Linux-based domain controller. There are how-to videos on Youtube about it and several guides online. Did any of you tried that? Of course Chewy probably did and could write a book about it, if he had the time. Is it feasible to configure a Linux-based...
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    Microsoft Moving to Per-Core Licencing for Server 2016

    Here's the story. [/FONT][/COLOR] I'm quite pissed about this and so should you.
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    vB4 Default Style Changed

    The thread icons have changed today. Most threads show up with a pastel red icon. It's disturbing and I don't see any other style (I have forum default or vB4 default style). Please give me back the old style.
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    Need An Affordable Switch With 10G SFP+ Ports

    I need an inexpensive switch with at least 2 (but ideally 4) SFP+ 10G ports. It has to be a managed switch. Smart managed or fully managed isn't important. I only need to configure VLAN on it, so anything with L2 management should be fine. No redundant power supplies needed. Same goes for...
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    Official 64-bit Firefox While it's still not linked on the main download page, this isn't a beta version. I've been using it for the past hour and so far, so good. It's also a good idea to browse the Net throw a 64-bit browser since Windows is more vulnerable...
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    HP's F*cktarded Web Site

    It's happening again : HP's shitty web site isn't working. I'm trying to download the drivers for an HP Z230 workstation I'm reinstalling and for the past half-hour, this is what I get when I try to access the driver download page : "Could not open pageThe service or information you requested...
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    Moving 800GB MS Exchange 2010 Database

    Not an Exchange expert here. I have to move the database of our MS Exchange 2010 server because I have to modify (read "destroy" and "recreate") the volume currently hosting it. Can I simply create a network share on a fast server with a fat network pipe and move it there using this guide or...
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    AMD won't release Zen CPU before Q4 2016 (too late)

    News source (or rumor source If true, AMD is capout IMO. There's a window that could allow them to increase their market share, but Q4 will be too late. Zen server processors will probably be performance-competitive with either the current Intel Xeon E5 V3 generation, or if AMD has especially...
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    Somewhat news/rumor: AMD Radeon R9 Nano coming on August 27th

    Here's the link to the source. At 175W for 85-90% of the performance of the Radeon R9 Fury X and with such a small form factor, this card will be interesting if it indeed launch by the middle of next week. Depending on the price, of course.
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    Dunkin Donuts' CEO's Comment Regarding New York State Minimum Wage Proposal

    I've just read on the news that Nigel Travis, Dunkin Donuts' CEO, said that a minimum wage of 15$/h would be outrageous. In my view, his comment carries a lot of weight, especially since he earns 10.2 millions per year. I could understand if a small business owner, who has a hard time breaking...
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    Samsung Introduces 2 High Capacity Enterprise SSD

    News source Here's the one I'm very interested in : 1.92TB SM863. Only 1260U$ for a 2TB solid-state drive with a rated endurance of more than 12TBW
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    Garbage Collection Ruins SSD Performance for Virtualized Environments.

    An interesting read and something I didn't expect. SSDs struggle in VM
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    Xeon E5-2696 v3 (like E5-2699 v3) - half price

    There must be a catch, but it's not obvious to me. Look at this auction on FleaBay. Seems too good to be true, but if I had the spare cash, I'd try. The lowest price on those processors I've found is 3995$, so that's half the price. 18 cores 36 threads 2.3GHz / 3.6GHz turbo 45MB L3 cache...
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    Tesla Powerwall

    Read Ars Technica's report here. They won't ship it internationally before next year. Too bad, as I would have reserved one this morning. Who's in? It's certainly not very expensive for the power it can store. Anyone who thinks it is should take a look at industrial UPS battery packs. At...
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    Gnodal switch on eBay

    Gnodal has been bought by Cray in 2012, according to what I read. Some of their switch models are regularly on sale on eBay, but the prices seem to be too good to be true. Their GS4008, which is a 40x10GE+8x40GE sells for only 3000$. It's an L2+ only switch, but still. They also have a 2U...