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  1. Howell

    Battery health monitoring

    Anyone familiar with accubattery android app or any other app useful for determining the age and health of the battery? I'm particularly interested in accuracy. My new S7 does not last as long as I expected.
  2. Howell

    IBM FlashSystem A9000

    We are the world wide number one sale. Check one the datasheet. I'm not the storage guy so I don't have all of the info but I'll update as I learn more.
  3. Howell

    CSC - The largest unplanned outage in years and how we survived it - Blog Post

    "A month ago [2/2016] CSC's high-performance computing services suffered the largest unplanned outage in years. In total approximately 1.7 petabytes and 850 million files were recovered."
  4. Howell

    Factory reset: Thinkpad Yoga S1

    I inherited my Yoga from my coworker and he had removed the restore partition. I want to restore the hard drive to how it came from the factory including the original partition structure. I have created the USB restore drive from another Thinkpad Yoga but I get an error when I boot from it and...
  5. Howell

    Windows Server 2016

    What's new in Windows Server 2016 Storage - Technical Preview Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica look the most interesting to me. The nano server might make a decent NAS. Dedup is included.
  6. Howell

    Windows SBS 2003 STD OEM disks

    Does anyone have access to Windows SBS 2003 STD OEM disks that I could download. I really only need the first one. Thanks.
  7. Howell

    DC replacement for small business

    What solutions have you found for replacing the domain controller when small companies get rid of their SBS boxes and migrate toward web hosted email? Particularly when they need some locally shared storage.The idea being to have as few server type machines as possible.
  8. Howell

    Interior LED lighting

    My goal was to replace the lights in some bedside table lamps with something more efficient than incandecent. I do not have a dimmer. I was concerned about using LEDs because they are very directional and the function of these lights needs a 360 degree light dispersion. I found these 5000k...
  9. Howell

    Windows 8 install tricks

    This was recently valuable to me: Someone who installs W8 often might also find this useful, I did not try it:
  10. Howell

    3.5 to 2.5" drive adapter bracket

    Does anyone have a favorite model of 3.5 to 2.5" drive adapter bracket? I've seen some that are supposed to fit 2 drives per bracket, but then some reviews (Amazon) describe how hard they are to work on and how the holes were drilled to the wrong size. Stuff that doesn't show up in the specs...
  11. Howell

    Android device backup method

    Now that my S4 has completely crashed for the first time and the only recovery method left was wipe and recover, I'm left searching for a way to make adequate backups. Luckily most of my data was synced to the cloud and the only thing I seem to have lost was my S Memos, and background and lock...
  12. Howell

    sata and 3.3v?

    I'm looking at getting some sata to molex connectors to match a laptop hard drive to an older PSU. However there's a warning about making sure I'm not working with a hard drive that requires 3.3V. The product manual for the Momentus 5400.6 is ambiguous between sata specs and product spec as far...
  13. Howell

    in-ceiling sound

    I'm working with 6 in-ceiling speakers that I know nothing about. They all run to one of 2 wall mounted volume knobs. In the previous configuration the lines continued on to a 6 line speaker switch alongside other speakers and then to an AV reciever. I may be able to get the model...
  14. Howell

    question old power supply compatibility

    I'm looking into getting an H61 Express mb and dropping it into a low profile case I already have. Has anything about the power supply specs changed in the last 5 years that would keep me from using a Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 with a CASETRONIC LPF-200CP 200 Watt Power Supply (20 wire connector + 4...
  15. Howell

    ReRAM, a possible flash replacement by 2017

    Lower power requirements high endurance bits Faster writes manufacturable with existing fabs
  16. Howell

    DR friendly DNS administration tool

    I am looing for a tool to help me with my external DNS administration and reconciliation between HQ and DR. At HQ my domain names are associated with the IP block at HQ but in a disaster the servers will migrate to the colo and domain names need to be reassociated with the IP block down at DR...
  17. Howell

    Zip performance

    Deos anyone have performance comparison numbers between: NTFS compression Windows Zip Winzip 7zip I need to balance ease of use with space and processor utilization.
  18. Howell

    3D movies at home

    Our new TV is Internet connected, DVD connected, roku connected, and 3D. And it is still difficult to find something 3D to play with. I'm I accidentally in front of the curve? Are there worthwhile 3D DVDs out there?
  19. Howell

    audio and video over HDMI

    I'm having trouble getting audio to come out at my TV when I play youtube or Hulu video over HDMI from my laptop. Strangely I can play system sounds or iTunes just fine. Any ideas?
  20. Howell

    Best TV for a 44" wide space

    Time for me to get a TV. The fiance wants it so I'm a gonna get it. ;) I still have not had a chance to read up on what technical specs I should get if I could get it but my biggest problem is finding a range that will fit the space. If my calculations are correct I can fit a 50" diagonal TV in...
  21. Howell

    I'm getting married in October.

  22. Howell


    Anyone fighting with this SOB like I am? Totally killed my WSUS database.
  23. Howell

    Tool utilizing BITS

    BITS constantly monitors used bandwidth and throttles its own data transfers to only use idle bandwidth. It also supports suspend and resume. While BITS is usually used for Windows Updates it might be worthwhile to use it...
  24. Howell

    Any Sharepoint users?

    I have what will probably turn out to be an easy problem but my GoogleFu is failing me. Any users (before I write up a long description)?
  25. Howell

    Have an entreprenurial idea for how to make use of gigabit connectivity to a metro area? Here's your chance to get it off the ground.
  26. Howell

    Your next keyboard

    Hands-on "screen": A proof-of-concept system allows smart phones to use virtually any surface as a touch-based interactive display. Chris Harrison COMPUTING Kinect Turns Any Surface Into a Touch Screen Researchers combine a Kinect sensor with a pico projector to expand the possibilities for...
  27. Howell

    Likes and Dislikes with Mobi-style-2.10a on vB3.8.2

    Likes: Easy access to "New Posts" Hitting the thread title takes me to the first post I haven't read. dislikes: The "Mark Forums Read" link should be bigger by x2. No quote or edit buttons available, period.
  28. Howell

    PFC/APFC power supplies need pure sine wave UPSs

    Anybody heard anything about the newer PFC/APFC power supplies requiring pure sine wave UPSs to function properly? News to me. Maybe we all already have psw UPSs so nobody's brought it up! :smile:
  29. Howell

    ZenCSV – Free CSV Viewer and Editor

    Free and tiny CSV viewer and editor. For the times when even a free office suite is just overkill.
  30. Howell

    HP Fax Test Service with fax back

    Very useful for testing a faxmachine setup or in my case testing area code logic. You should receive the fax back within 10 minutes.
  31. Howell

    free-ish drive imaging software for Server 2003

    I'm looking for a free-ish drive imaging software for Server 2003 for buisness use. I need it to be able to schedule an image from a live box but restorations should happen from CD or USB. Acronis and Symantec have appropriate products but its hard to justify the cost for boxes that are...
  32. Howell

    East Tenessee storms

    The storms yesterday produced a lot of damage including cutting external power to at least 1 nuclear plant...
  33. Howell

    Happy ANZAC day!

    Yes, I'm a day late. Thanks to all our Aus and NZ friends!
  34. Howell

    Happy Easter

    If you follow the Christian faith and traditions today is a good day!
  35. Howell

    Update the mobile theme

    I hate to ask but could we look into updating the mobile theme? I can't edit from the phone.
  36. Howell

    Video not displaying (black box over player) or cannot seek/scrub (weird or no scroll I also saw problems with Hulu video not appearing in full screen.
  37. Howell

    Unusual SSIDs?

    What are the funniest SSIDs you've seen or set up?
  38. Howell

    FS: 2GB Crucial DDR2 800 sodimm ct25664ac800

    $35 shipped
  39. Howell

    RAID with mixed disk technology

    Has anyone here done a storage system of raid 1/5/60 mixing ssds and spinning disks?
  40. Howell

    Dell OEM ISO

    Does anybody have an XP SP3 OEM Dell Reinstallation CD ISO?
  41. Howell

    Xmarks/ Foxmarks is shutting down
  42. Howell

    LED flashlights

    I know there are a few threads around here that have information about LED flashlights but it would be nice to have this information in the same place. I bought a Cree Ultrafire c3 a few months ago. I don't remember why I picked this model but it probably came down to size and price. Anyway...
  43. Howell

    No thanks Google Fiber, we're good.
  44. Howell

    little linux file system help

    Let's say "hypothetically" that I: Installed the newest version of XenServer (5.6) over an older version (4.1) completely wiping out the partition and file tables and "deleting" my VMs. How can I recover those files? I do not know what the file system was at the time of deletion. They also...
  45. Howell

    Conversion-to-digital photo service

    I have 500-1000 photos that I'd like to convert to digital and I don't really have the time or inclination to do it. Most of them would be negatives with 50 or so slides. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good service to use? I'm thinking maybe silver standard. Not the most expensive but...
  46. Howell

    R12 recharging or replacement

    I figure someone here has experience with recharging old R12 car A/C systems. I'm balking at paying $300 to retrofit to 134a and they are telling me there is no R12 in the city and even then its $120/pound. There has to be a cheaper alternative for those of us driving older vehicles. I mean at...
  47. Howell

    windows security logging

    Does anyone have a solution for windows security logging? Requirements: I'd like to keep 6 months worth of basic security events for 2 domain controllers and do it for minimal cost. Hurdles: The maximum log file size on server 2003 is 4G. "Event Viewer logs are memory mapped files. The maximum...
  48. Howell

    eXPert PDF Reader

    I got annoyed with Foxit asking me to update all the time so I switched over to eXPert PDF Reader. It seems faster than Foxit too.
  49. Howell

    Happy Easter Folks

    He is not here, He is risen.
  50. Howell

    Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution premier

    For anyone interested: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution airs 8PM tonight on ABC.