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Thread: Buying an electric shaver!?

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    Buying an electric shaver!?

    I am looking for a good electric shaver. In the old days I used a Philips dry shaver, which I actually liked. I know that there is the eternal "dispute" between Braun and Philips
    Maybe someone can recommend 1 or 2 good models. Price may also be a bit more expensive, the main thing is that the shave is thorough.

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    Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4

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    I realize that we may never hear from the OP again, but I would like to second Stereodude's recommendation. I've owned many Philips, Braun and now Panasonic shavers.

    The Philips are good for longer hair but cannot easily produce as close a shave as foil shavers. You end up rubbing your skin raw. They're also terrible to clean.

    I may be comparing apples to oranges in terms of models, but I thought my Braun shavers were easier to use - I found it took a while to become efficient with a Panasonic. That's the only advantage I can think of, otherwise the Panasonic kills it. The biggest feature for me is Panasonic's linear motor. It works great when it's fully charged, and it works just as well when there's 20% charge left - unlike my Braun shavers.

    I have found that a typical 3-head foil layout is the minimum. The middle head usually has a more open comb to grab longer hairs. I can't see the point in a bulky 5-head model and I think the Arc 4 is obsolete, so I would suggest 3-head models. Don't forget you need to replace the comb and cutter assemblies every year or two, so simpler generally equals less cost.

    You don't need a cleaning station with a Panasonic. They really are waterproof, and very well made.

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    I have to give it to put in the effort to try and get your spammy links in. Too bad all three of your accounts blew your load too early.

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    I ended up buying this shaver:

    Very good shave, easy to clean, uses parts that have been around a long time.

    Waterproof as well.

    Did find out something interesting about plastic bodied shavers. They warp, and parts that fit one don't fit another.
    Sometimes, it's just better to buy a new product.
    tried to replace the battery and some other parts from another shaver into mine, and it didn't work.
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